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What is a Bug Bounty

 A bug bounty is a monetary reward offered to white hat hackers for successfully pinpointing a security bug that causes a vulnerability. These vulnerabilities are like “weak spots” that could allow black hat hackers (those with malicious intent) to gain unauthorized access to a website, tool, or system of that company, or organization. Researchers aka (white hat hacker help organizations discover and address these bugs before they can be exploited to the general public by black hat hackers, thus preventing incidents of widespread abuse and data breaches123. It’s a win-win situation for researchers aka (white hat hacker) get recognition and compensation. Companies and organization can upgrade their digital  company infrastructure basic off the information provide.

Our Bug Bounty Service

 If a staff member of a company that make decisions of what goes on in the company request to uses our bug bounty service. There would not need upfront fee to get started. Frist PB Network Security would need to create a contract that say that PB Network Security have the permission to see if PB Network Security could find any vulnerability on front end and the back end on digital company infrastructure. Now after the contract have been sign by PB Network Security and a Staff Member of the company that make decisions. Then they will get a copy of the agreement and now PB Network Security would check out the whole digital company infrastructure to see if we can find and vulnerability by white hat hacking. If do not find any vulnerability then that means your company Information Technology department is staying on top of protecting digital company infrastructure at 100% from any data breaches.Then your company will have got our for free. Now everyone at the company feel safe that they knowing that their IT department is doing their job 100%.

Now on the other hand if PB Network Security find a vulnerability spot inside the digital company infrastructure of that company. PB Network Security would have to come up another contract that would talk about how would PB Network Security be compensated in different ways not just only by money (basic off of what type of company is). For our time and sharing the information that PB Network Security had found to the company and giving the best advice on maybe how to fix that problem. after the contract has been sign by PB Network Security and from a staff member who make decision for the company.

IF wanted to get started then send a email click on


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